Zee Boone

Fish Real Estate - Lock Haven
220 North Jay St, Lock Haven, PA 17745

Home is the nicest word there is.


        Home. A small word with four letters. Although, those four letters create something we all long for. Home is a place to fill with memories, a place we hurry to reach after a long day or return to after a tiring vacation. Home welcomes us.

        My name is Zee Boone, although some of you may remember me as Zee Snyder. I grew up and married in Sugar Valley. After living away for 27 years my family and I have chosen to once again make our home in Clinton county. During our time away, I fostered an appreciation for the importance of finding a home that reflects its owners. I have been on both the buyers and the sellers side of the table and understand the stresses of entering into legal contracts, loans and commitments that are foreign to our daily lives. I also understand the desire to procure a home unique to a family.

        So, it is with great joy that I share with you my professional services as a licensed real estate salesperson with Fish Real Estate, Lock Haven.  As your agent, I will extend to you the vast resources available to me through Fish Real Estate. A family owned company since 1956, the pride themselves in the wide range of services offered to their clients from appraisals, relocations, rentals and property managements, to outdoor properties and more. Continuing to be in the forefront of today’s market with over 50 agents working for you, they are the leading real estate provider in our community.

      As your family’s personal agent, I will strive to achieve your ambition for a satisfying real estate experience.  I believe that when you partner your goals with our resources and myself as your Fish Real Estate agent, home will not only be something you long for, but a dream fully realized.  As Laura Ingalls Wilder once said, “Home is the nicest word there is”.